Dance is somewhere we go to release, build ourselves up, create, and make friends along the way. But what happens when dance becomes our losing ground?

This might feel like a heavy topic, but I promise there is light. 

Dance costs not only money, but time. We cannot receive our time back no matter how we wish this time machine thing would come through in 2022. We all want to be seen, heard, and celebrated. When we make time for classes and teams, we sacrifice time with other parts of our lives such as studies, work, and family. When those environments no longer give us the bare minimum of our needs- we have reached losing ground. 

Speaking our truth to find solutions can be scary but sometimes we will be surprised when someone is ready to find them! Other times, in order to avoid taking responsibility, leaders will deny the person’s feelings leaving one feeling isolated and abandoned. 

If the latter happens, there is something big happening! Well, it feels dark and heavy at first, the thought of losing those we love around us and the environment that comes with it. But, if something is not for us and we learn to trust what we feel and walk away, we are gaining a best friend: ourselves. 
Your author attending @latte_dottie dance coaching workshop moving forward to the light
Photo Cred: Leah Osborn @dancewithleahmichellephotos

Cheers to the journey of being our own best friend and realizing sometimes, things are not a good fit for us, but we will always wish those we have to say goodbye to the best and love them from afar. And remember, there are things within the person leaving that need to be dealt with. When we get to the root of the issue within ourselves, we gain our power back. We stop rejecting the shadow of ourselves and energetically give ourselves the biggest hug and I mean who doesn’t like a good hug? 


Fiona Fox Ryan

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