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  • she’s a [dance] MOOD

    Dance Director and Studio Owner Marcella Palazzo of Mood Studio San Francisco isn’t afraid to take up space in this diverse city On my family vacay to The Bay Area, my dance heels were ready to get to a studio but I couldn’t decide which one with the amazing options in this city. In the […]

  • Ready or not: why you should audition 

    It’s officially Fall y’all and according to school, dance studios, and all Pumpkin Spice loving peeps it’s a new season! A new semester. A new session. What do these all have in common? They start with the letter S, so I got to thinking, what is the power behind the letter S that signifies words […]

  • 3 Dance Visuals to Embody in Heels

    After taking my dance private with Janelle Murphy of Ooh La La Revue in San Diego, I learned that I was holding myself back, scared to show who I really was, afraid of what people would think about my soul and all it’s been through. Ego is not always our friend! Sometimes ego holds us […]