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Fiona Fox Ryan is a Britney Spears fan who is a full time mama + Communication Major at the University she attends, in that order.

Fiona Fox Ryan is the founder of Foxy Dancing Mama, a place for dancers to connect, learn, and grow in their craft as she shares her dance journey confessions.

Having founded Xclusively Dance San Diego in 2019, she loved the process of interviewing her fellow dancers, helping them feel seen and heard as they shared their unique gifts and highlighted humanity. As she felt that something was missing from this endeavor, she soon realized she wasn’t being seen or heard and wanted to be a part of the collective. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, she was blessed with becoming pregnant but feared that this meant her dancing days were over. After encountering many dance mamas who have never given up, she was encouraged to keep going and find ways to make dance happen.

She soon founded Foxy Dancing Mama, and hopes to share her mother energy with her fellow dancers whether male, female, or gender neutral to help them empower themselves as she continues to heal and grow with others. She feels what she has to give to the world is her strength and her dance is where she allows her fierce personality to shine through performance. She was formerly the 2018-2019 Queens Dance Captain of a semi-professional basketball team called The Kings. She generated creative ideas to help assist the artistic direction with the resources given along with behind-the-scenes administrative duties to 10 powerful women she was honored to dance alongside.

What makes Fiona wake up in the morning with vibrancy and excitement besides her beautiful son to feed is her ambitious creative vision influenced by her intelligence and intuition from vast life experience. As she is a family oriented individual, she hopes to continue building a positive experience where one can come as they are and leave with the knowing there is always another chance to dance and become who you were always meant to be without limits. In her free time (what’s that!?) you can find her reading the latest on politics while sipping on a strong cup of go-juice (coffee) and catching up on the newest episode of SNL with her husband, son, and puppy.

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