As a foxy dancing mama, my life revolves around my son and that means I’m always on mama duty unless the hubs has the day off. As I skim through my IG feed, I find myself scrolling past dance shows often in hopes one of them will be on a day I have the green light and it usually doesn’t work in my favor, but this time was different.

(For the future San Diego Burlesque archives)

I haven’t been able to catch a burlesque show since February and I began growing weary, missing the life of sparkles and fringe shaking to-and-fro outlining the gorgeous silhouettes of these goddesses of the dance world. But finally I spotted the date: Bacon & Legs: July 10, 2022. Then I quickly checked the top left side of the reel on my screen: @demureproductions. Jackpot.

I reached out to SW to see how her life was going and to see if she missed watching burlesque as much as I did; she did. So we bought the ticket and made it happen.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what to expect- let’s jump in!

Entrance to The Jolly Joker Tavern in Kearny Mesa of San Diego, CA
The venue did not lack built-in cheeky sentiment
The walls provided splashes of art, neon lights, and intricate details that gave it the perfect personality for this event.

the elements




  1. 1. an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work; a parody.
  2. a variety show, typically including striptease.

When burlesque became an American institution in the late 1800s, it was able to succeed on the Vaudeville circuit which was focused on providing variety shows as family entertainment.

When the railroad industry took over, it revolutionized the burlesque genre into a more sensual art form that still kept the integrity of parody. This particular Demure Production reminded me of a true variety show! I was most impressed that the word inclusive really holds true in this space.

Keep scrolling to see what I mean…

the producer

Lola Demure owns the tagline “The Prima Ballerina of Burlesque” for good reason: once a pro ballerina, she now spills that talent over to pro burlesque performance and production. As a former resident of the House of Blues with her Burlesque and Variety Show, Demure currently resides at The Jolly Joker Tavern with her shows Bacon and Legs and Temptation.

Lola’s box made its way through the Tavern not *only* to collect tips (this is a huge suggestion when attending a burlesque show): proceeds went to The National Network of Abortion Funds.

the crowd

There was something for everyone in this audience! All ages, political views, all ethnicities, all sizes and shapes, hair color, genders, whatever. You want it, you got it. Requirement- an open mind.

the hostess with the mostess

Dee Dee Cupcake

press play

Dee Dee’s infectious, sparkly personality set the tone for the crowd’s viewing hours. Her spunky nature adorned in a sleeveless red wrap around dress with a bright, multi-colored headband delivered her dad jokes and dirty humor through her microphone that dazzled the eye with its silver sparkle.

Her fiery essence in collaboration with the producer’s never ending, upbeat energy left no room for boredom. Support for the performers while entertaining the audience was constant.

the opener

The soulful Whitney Shay kicked off the line-up. I’m pretty sure this song was dedicated to Lola….

WS’s elegant gown dripped in red sparkle while she sang into her matching microphone as she played to all participating audience members.

Whitney Shay’s cinematic vibes took me back to a time where entertainment was simple but big; and how lucky to get this shot of boobs!? Timing is everything.

the masked one

enjoy this intro by the hostess

Phoenix A’Blaze presented a friendly, coy character hiding behind her mask in the beginning. The twist of humor with the toy chicken whose sound reminds me of something my dog would chew on gave the crowd a good chuckle. The red ballerina slippers she donned here felt innocent…

She really threw us a sexy surprise after she danced with her glittering, bright yellow umbrella.

Her exit was seamless. The red, sparkly pasties and glowing nude lingerie set were everything.

the dominatrix

Chica Cabra

This dominatrix took the running red theme and strongly entered the scene in all black, hair slicked back in a high ponytail with hints of lavender in her hair. She took the time to check out the scene with no apology for her intensity.

the slow burn

Feisty Fuego came out in a pinkish purple long dress with blue sparkle wrapping the body from front to back. She was extremely grounded. Taking her time with everything, minimal props were used, as she made her presence the main event of her piece.

intermission surprise


Just when the audience thought this couldn’t be any better, Dee Dee Cupcake threw us her own strip show and turned up the heat! (But this is all you get, there was more but you’ll just have to buy the ticket to find out).

the one with folklorico

Minx Meaow

The sassy presentation was strong and her arms were dynamic, staying true to this folk dance. She rebelled the colonization of the body by claiming the autonomy of her own through her sensuality. The bright yellow, multicolored headband and costume with teases of black pieces that showed with her flowing movement made the room feel like it was filling up with waves of water.

the housewife with a message

Hair perfectly coiffed, luscious green 1950’s style dress with pearls draping the neckline, Lexi La Vicious made a bold statement: we don’t own her.

You could feel the tension along with agreement for the female body with this piece. What does the red cord mean to you?

the burning flame

Miss Hell Fires

With metallic red fringe accentuating the sensuous curves of her body, Miss Hell Fires gave us all the disco vibes we never knew we needed.

the closer

Can’t help but make red my new fave color with this dreamy entrance♥️
Egypt Blaque Knyle is known as “The Goddess of Burlesque” with her argument lying in “why be a *queen* when you can be a Goddess?” Her textures, eye contact, and unapologetic sense of self made her the perfect ending to this burlesque show story.

the end

And that’s a wrap!

Whether one is obsessed with burlesque, likes dance, or loves to be entertained, Bacon & Legs is the show to satisfy your spectating pleasure if one is looking for something off-the-cuff and completely different from the norm blended with sparkle, booty cheeks, and a lot of bad ass energy filling room.



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