It’s officially Fall y’all and according to school, dance studios, and all Pumpkin Spice loving peeps it’s a new season! A new semester. A new session. What do these all have in common? They start with the letter S, so I got to thinking, what is the power behind the letter S that signifies words that describe a new output of learning or putting ourselves out there to join new dance groups? 

According to Deborah Vilner of Name Echo, the letter represents independence, new beginnings, self-reliance, understanding, and high-level energy in ambition, charisma, and philanthropic matters. When we think about the letter S from a spiritual perspective and tie it into audition season, new dance sessions, or new school semester, auditions is where we learn we are on our own to understand how to rely on what we’ve learned and put it into action and the result of whether we make it or not is a new beginning. 

When I went to this recent audition for a professional performance group, I felt like throwing up. I was nervous, it had been so long since I put myself out there and the group are led by a professional Laker girl so the set-up reminded me of my pro dance team audition days! I was really blessed to have this contestant next to me witnessing me on edge. Her encouragement by telling me how she likes to look at these things as a dance class; that is when I realized I was learning not only about dance, but about others and myself. Here are 6 things I learned along the way:

Communication– Where are the missing communication marks and how can they be rectified?

Go with the flow– the results took longer than what was told for us to expect and I grew anxious and overwhelmed; I felt desperate, and it really lowered my energy. Going with the flow will help one see that they are worthy of whatever comes their way: what is not for you is not against you and what comes into your life will expand you if you allow. 

If I tried out and made it or not, I would not regret it– I almost didn’t try out because the thought of rejection is so tough. I am not on my dance A game, but I really am trying…slowly. If I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know whether I made it or not so either way, going and not making it or going and making it is a win-win. 

What are some things to improve on– the artistic directors are incredibly educated in this field. My background is very different from theirs and I am excited to realize I have a lot of strengthening and technique to do. I need stronger arms, stronger lines, and more control and spatial awareness. 

What are some things done well- I love performing and it showed. 

Dance is not about acting, it is about telling a story– although people complimented me on my performance, I am an actress. I show-off my energy…a lot. I’ve had a minute to really study and realize dance has a story to it and the BEST dancers know how to tell that story from the introduction to the last paragraph.

So how did it turn out? I made the beginner level. I really felt qualified for intermediate but knowing that I need to study technique more makes me see the missing piece to my heels dance puzzle. This ended up not being the time for me to expand with this group, but I look forward to learning from their beginner heels choreographer and really starting over in my heels journey. 

How can you take what I’ve shared and make it your own? Photo credit: Trevor Ryan

I hope this helps guide y’all to take a leap of faith even if you don’t feel ready. I wish you light to learn so much about yourself through this audition process. 

Lots of love,

-theFoxyDancing Mama

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