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Hello loves,

Checking in on how your you time in dance is going. Now that I’ve moved directions with dance, I have taken many more privates and it’s really paying off. 

The choreographer (Choreo by Court) guided me to dancing with more intentional arms + more “in the pocket”

What I need to take back up before each class is setting my intention; without intention it will be hard to grow in a focused manner. You can check my past post Taking Dance Privates: When it’s really about the progress – https://bit.ly/2YjDIkR for more info. What I have been doing finely, if I do say so myself, is asking two questions: according to Dr. Chelsea Pierotti, Ph.D., (a dance sports psychologist) when we ask ourselves “what is something I did great in class today? and what is something I learned?” we can change our approach to our artform. 

Something I did great in class: released body more
Something I learned: I need to learn how to keep true to my style while learning how to stay in character of the choreo

These two simple questions can catapult your progress forward faster than you think. Mindset is everything and reflecting creates power inside of you through honesty and taking responsibility. 

Another great thing about privates is if the choreographer takes their position seriously, they can give you a world of information about yourself through dance. One can find out where they stand, where they are exceling, and if they have questions on how to better certain things in their movements the choreographer can guide them to a higher level of learning. Remember, the hour is YOURS and being in class with others is great energy wise but being with yourself and owning what you bring to the table creates a greater ripple effect for yourself and those around you. Don’t forget your example is being watched, others are learning from you, you matter. 

The choreographer (Janelle Murphy) would stop the music every time she wanted more from me; she helped illustrate ways I could make the movements come to life and tell a better story

Lastly, if you continue to book privates, you can grow a strong relationship with the choreographer. Chemistry brings a different element of truth to your artform so yes, going to class with others is great for socializing and learning to be yourself with an audience is wonderful, but privates get you to a deeper truth which will shine through in a classroom or audition full of dancers. Also, look out for deals the choreographer might hold for more than one session if you’re looking to save money while dancing more (who wouldn’t want that). 

On this second round, the choreographer helped me to see different personalities to play with

Hope this helps! Drop a comment and let me know how privates have enhanced your dance experience. 



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