After taking my dance private with Janelle Murphy of Ooh La La Revue in San Diego, I learned that I was holding myself back, scared to show who I really was, afraid of what people would think about my soul and all it’s been through. Ego is not always our friend! Sometimes ego holds us back from being who we really are out of fear of rejection but really, we are rejecting ourselves when this happens.

Janelle Murphy featured left; my baby loved all the sparkles and personally cannot wait to learn more from this woman

” More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.”

― Albert Einstein

Being your best you is a mind game. Our mind tells our bodies how to communicate through energetic language. People can see what someone is putting out there. That’s great because no matter how dark or light, dance and our fellow dance friends hold us accountable to level up as far as we choose to go. Here are some things I will be focusing on embodying for my heels journey moving forward:

  1. Watch and research things about hands and use fingers to accentuate dance

Hands are a part of performing and really help illustrate the story one is trying to tell through their body. As I continue my research with this visual aid, I will share my findings with y’all.

2. Lift up with your booty/hip leading 

Working the curves to lift vs. doing whatever it takes to make the next movement is much more visually stimulating to the eye.

3. Ballet to better heels

Foundation is EVERYTHING. Lines, walks, arms, hands- ballet will help build your heels vocabulary further.

Don’t get it twisted, ego can help us move confidently even in moments we know we aren’t, but ego can hold us back from seeing clearly what we need to work on. When this happens, we miss opportunities to learn from others and where our hearts are located in our dance journey to both accentuate and improve. The mind tells the body what it is capable of and one can allow their mind to be their best friend or opponent (choose wisely). So excited to take what I’ve learned so far, research, apply, and embody these visually appealing pointers. What do you feel you bring to the table to make dance more visually appealing or what would you like to focus on embodying? Let me know!

-LOVE, theFoxyDancingMama

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