Taking Dance Privates: When it’s really about the progress

The pandemic hit and I got pregnant shortly after; my dance life was put on pause. Now that I’m back and ready to put in the work it will take to get to where I want to be dance wise, I knew I needed to book a private to focus my attention on what I still have to emphasize that hasn’t left me, and at the same time to see what is not connecting. So I set my intention; I want to use this time in my private lesson to build up my confidence.

I booked 2 weeks out and felt nothing but excitement! The choreographer, @ChoreobyCourt is a beautiful dancer who’s sexiness expressed through dance is airy like a fairy (I’m a poet and just don’t know it). Then the day came, and I did not want to go. My mind began to focus on how rusty and out of shape I am, how I’m not the dancer I once was. But then it hit me- what if I took this hour to have fun and relearn what my body can do?

My body housed another human being for almost a year and my body gave me the ability to push him out and give him life, how amazing is my body for helping me do this? As a mom, I do not want to let go of my sexiness. I am a very sensual dancer. It is who I am and I am not going to quiet that truth after having the biggest blessing in life I’ve ever had. That is not what I want to teach him. I want my son to know that humans can be strong and powerful no matter where we are in life.

Ego out= Progress not perfection

When I lived with more ego, I never posted my dance videos unless I knew I was looking good. Now that I am ready to show who I am, scars, dance breaks and all, I am ready to unleash my truth and watch my progress through my lessons; because preparation is a mental game.

There are a million things to think about when dancing in heels and form is THE most important. It’s tough, it hurts, and it takes time and lots of practice to get down.

There are tons of points to keep in mind when walking across the floor and dancing in heels. Shoulders back and pinched, arms airy, feet slightly turned out to present but don’t overcross ,stay on the balls of your feet, sit all the way into your hip and swivel it to the opposite side, chest open and head lifted all while having fun! (There’s more but that’s all I can remember for now).

Being in my head stalls my learning ability and really takes a toll on my confidence. In turn, I was tightening so much that it cut my movements short and I wasn’t breathing through the choreography which puts a damper on sensuality.

I used to cut my head rolls short and was informed that imagining circling your head around as if there is an object you are trying to get around is great visualization to prevent your movements from looking awkward or lazy (sorry past heels teachers). I also learned that I must focus on getting stronger and stretching to better my time in class (bring on the weights + yoga mat).

Keep your mindset focused on your why, your intention for the time spent dancing, and really hear what the teacher is saying. Have fun, stay mentally prepared.

I was scared to show my progress because the space I am in is messy, but now I look forward to seeing how it grows. I remembered my why: to express what my heart has to say through dance artistry; Set my intention: to build my confidence back up after time off, and I’m honoring the space I am in and that is I have work to do! That’s the real excitement. May you find the courage to revel in your dance progress versus perfection.


the Foxy Dancing Mama

2 responses to “Taking Dance Privates: When it’s really about the progress”

  1. This was so well-thought out and beautifully written! I am honored to be a part of this new dance journey you’re embarking on. You are foxy, you are dancing, and you are one HOT mama!! Let’s keep this momentum going, shall we?! ❤


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