Bring magic back to dance growth: 3 easy steps

I remember when I first fell in love with dance; I demanded my mom buy me tap shoes at 3 years old and put me in dance classes. Dance was magic and brought extreme happiness to my life. It was the place I could safely show my true personality and not get hurt. Then I became an adult and competitive spirit got the best of me. I lost my way. I began to compare and take dance way too seriously and it was no longer about the art, it was about the attention and being the best. I no longer loved dance; it was something I saw as a “have to.”

For those that take dance extremely seriously, there is so much beauty in doing so. The passion for the craft is extreme and one wants to be their best dance self which requires focus, time, and sacrifice to get there. But what happens when you take it too seriously? 

When we stop playing with dance where what drew us to it was how much fun we had playing with the energy, emotion, and physicality of the art form we begin to lose our true selves. When we take dance too seriously, we lose having fun with it and our performance begins to falter. The people that catch our eye while dancing are the ones who are having a blast and living! How can we prevent losing play energy? Here are 3 quick tips on improving performance and living the best dance life you were meant for.

1. If you do not know your why or remember why you began, your ladder will be leaning on a house with a faulty foundation. The why of how dance came to be in your life is your mission and vision statement. It will be the reason you keep going when things get tough, but also going when everything is in place and you graduate to the next level. 

2.Setting intentions before entering your dance space is crucial for a positive mindset. When you enter class with something to work on and see how far you’ve come with that goal in mind, it keeps the magic of why you began dance alive. Strengths are tangible and weaknesses are sharpened to the best of your ability. 

3.Honesty is a key component to thriving in the relationship with yourself and others. There will be people who are not better than you at certain styles or technique, and there will be people who will be at a higher level at times and that is okay. Acknowledging where you are is real and helps you to continue having the courage to show up for yourself and honoring who you are. Remember, we all have values to bring to the table no matter what someone else is doing. Know your values and bring them to the dance world; everyone will be better for it. 

When we take dance too seriously, we lose the magic that pulled us toward this art form and it’s easy to lose our way. Not taking dance seriously also keeps us from sharpening our character and we end up floating around with no rhyme or reason. When we remember why we want to dance, set intentions to sharpen our strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledge where our honest dance level stands, we can keep our creative energy squeaky (thanks Ariana Grande for the inspo). How do you keep the magic of dance in your life alive? Let me know. Happy Dancing!


The Foxy Dancing Mama

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